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3December 2015

Website design is an art and a science. Don’t leave it to chance, or to your brother’s third cousin’s nephew who knows a bit about programming and will do it for fifty bucks. This is something you don’t want to skimp on. If you don’t pay for it now, you will pay for it later.

Your website may be a prospect’s first impression of your business – so you want it to be a great one. You want nice, clean design, easy navigation, organized and compelling content, and easy ways to get in touch with you.

You want your visitors to stay on your website for as long as possible, visiting other pages and investigating your business. You want them to share your website with their friends, bookmark it for future reference, and of course, call you to do some business!

Bad design can turn away customers. Long load times, same thing. Having to search for a way to contact you – fuggedaboutit. They’re on to the next guy.

If you have a website, but it’s not bringing you any business – there’s probably a reason. Unlike a certain baseball field in an Iowa cornfield, if you build it, they won’t necessarily come. People either can’t find it, so it’s an expensive billboard in the desert, or when they do find it, they’re not compelled to take action.

Let Social Karma Marketing have a look. We’ll analyze your branding, your content and calls-to-action, your overall design and navigation, and your SEO – and we’ll tell you what needs to be fixed. Some things may be minor, and some, more complex. But you’ll never know unless you give us a call.

We know your marketing dollars can’t be spread too thin, so we’ll do our best to keep the costs low. We want you to be happy – no, ecstatic! – so you’ll want to hire us for some of our other marketing services, and we want you to spread the word to your business associates who need help (ask about our referral program!)

Our web design services include:

  • Custom Website Design and Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Tablet and Mobile Friendly Design
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-Commerce

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