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Search engines seek out and deliver quality web content based on users' search terms.

Google and other search engines have complicated algorithms that determine who gets the top spots in search results. Their goal is to return quality content based on each user's search terms. Quality content means a website that delivers the product or service that most closely matches what the prospect is looking for.

Our SEO strategies put your business in front of the right consumers at the right time.

Your Partner in Search Ranking

There may be dozens of businesses in your niche within your service area. They may all have websites and social media profiles. But that doesn't mean they are getting found in search results. As well, your top competitor may have a well-optimized site that appears on page 1 of Google for your best keywords (search terms).

If your website isn't featured prominently in search results for your best keywords, you're losing potential business.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating your web properties so they are recognized and indexed by search engines.

We'll create better brand visibility by improving your rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs), as well as increasing your website’s organic (non-paid) traffic. We do this with back-end structure of your site as well as off-page strategies that raise your profile and make it valuable to Google. We'll make sure your site is also mobile-optimized and delivers a positive customer experience, so your prospects stick around, and then take action by calling or visiting your business.
Minneapolis SEO

Get Found, Get More Leads and Sales

Make sure more customers see your website on the SERPs. Get in touch with us for proven SEO solutions.

Our SEO Service for Businesses:


Preliminary search engine optimization audit

We start with a detailed report of the current state of your business' search results, and how we can improve it. Turn your site into a top-performer with actionable insights.


Competitive SEO analysis and consulting

Find out where you stand in the SERPs. Discover your current rankings, how we can boost your rank, and your potential benefits from investing in our SEO.


SEO copywriting services

Your web copy must be friendly to both customers AND search engines. We’ll research the right keywords for your industry, and incorporate them into compelling and readable copy that gives prospects what they're looking for.


On-page search engine optimization

On-page SEO tactics address all the measures in the structure of your site that directly influence your position in the search rankings. Let us work on the techie stuff - your meta-tags, title tags, site speed, image optimization, URL structure, and more.


Off-page SEO services

Improve page ranking factors that occur off your website (e.g., backlinks). Apart from backlinks, we’ll also manage your domain authority and social promotion.

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