Video Marketing

If you’re not using video on your website, or as a tool to help get rankings for your website, may we ask why?

You did know that Google owns YouTube, right, and that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet? People use it daily to find out how to do things and to search for information on products, services and businesses they want to patronize.

You can have short “commercials” created for the web, hosted on your branded YouTube channel or right on your website, which can be optimized for your key search terms and that will drive traffic to your site, night and day.

It’s easy to create content that works for driving traffic to your site and getting ranked for your keywords – no fancy production equipment is necessary. With a simple smartphone or iPad, we can make you the star of your own commercial…or use other techniques with your existing video or image assets.

Not convinced yet? Here’s another reason. Video increases the chances that your website visitors will make a purchase (conversion) by 65% !

Those website visitors will stay on your page longer and visit more of the pages on your site –  and Google loves these kinds of stats.  It tells them your web content is valuable and is delivering the type of content the searcher was looking for.

We’ve successfully ranked several clients on page 1 of Google, within just a week or two, using our video marketing strategies. Call us today to get started on your video marketing campaign.