What Social Karma Means

7October 2013

Social Karma Marketing

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine caught my eye  – ” Five Ways that Social Media Can Destroy Your Business.”

What’s that you say?  Social media is supposed to HELP my business?  Well of course it is.  Unless of course you’re doing it all wrong.


I agree with all five reasons in this article, but I took special notice of the second one:

2. You’re not following the laws of ‘social karma.’
If you want to get value from your fans and customers you have to provide value first. Most social-media users are looking for a few simple and satisfying things: entertainment, information or share-worthy content that makes them look interesting to their own following. 

If you can provide them with those things you’ll earn the karma that later leads to clicks, leads, and conversions. If not, you’ll just be shouting to an empty room and possibly damage your brand in the process.

Just so happens our company name originated from this idea – that what you do and say online  (personally or in business) will come back to you via good or bad karma. Do good things (provide helpful content and entertainment instead of constant selling) and good things will come to your business. Hit people over the head with your sales message repeatedly, and they’ll leave you in droves.

You see, it really does all come back to YOU.

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