Google’s New Hummingbird Update

30September 2013


Google Hummingbird Update


Apparently, over at Google, they ran out of animals that begin with the letter P. Although, a simple Google search would have yielded: Parrot, Pig, Panther, Pigeon, Pea Hen…and dozens more.

So, Google’s not uber creative with their update names.  This time, it’s the Hummingbird update, which will impact as much of 90% of all searches.

Google says searchers are using increasingly more complex search queries than ever (we’re getting smarter!).

The increase of smartphone usage is also resulting in a dramatically changing search landscape.(Mobile users  may speak their queries into their smartphones, which results in a more complex query).  Thus, a new mathematical formula that handles complex queries was born.

Google’s Hummingbird update helps the existing algorithm keep up with advanced and longer search queries.

As users are more familiar with effective search techniques to hone in on exactly what they want, they are entering longer queries or spoken sentences. These practices are the driving forces behind the Hummingbird update. (I can’t say it with a straight face. Somehow the Panda update seemed more ominous than the Hummingbird.But that’s me).

What’s this mean for the small business trying to remain in the coveted page 1 spot?

Well, you can’t do it yourself. SEO is a complicated and constantly changing art and  science.  So, you need a partner who can keep track of the hundreds of search engine updates and make sure the best possible tactics are being used to keep your site where it belongs. There are many factors that go into your search rankings but the most important tip that will keep the Google Gods happy for a long time is to keep your visitors happy by providing quality content and of course great website design. Provide a user-friendly experience and the content your prospects are looking for, and that will go a long way towards remaining favorable to the Big G. Signals that have  been important before are still important; Hummingbird allows Google to process that information in new and better ways.

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We know how to deal with hummingbirds, pandas and pea hens.

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