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3July 2019

Facebook post ideas for small business owners

Lots of folks struggle with content ideas for their social media accounts and blogs.  Instead of posting the same type of content repeatedly, peruse this list of posting ideas for Facebook, try them out, and see if you don’t start generating more Likes, Shares and Comments among your followers.

Ask for advice. People like to answer questions and help solve problems.

  • What would you do if….
  • A fan has a question about …. Can anyone help?
  • Need your feedback on these three logo designs. Which do you like best?

Contests. People love contests! There are contest apps available to help run your contest, add emails to your list, and select winners at random. TabSite and ShortStack are two commonly used contest apps.

Conduct a Poll.  Polls generate discussion, and also help you gain insights from your audience. Coincidentally, Facebook has a poll app to help you construct one.

Share the Results.  Your audience may be interested in your poll results, so the poll data would make a good content post.  Turn the data into a graphic

Inspirational Images, Quotes and Memes. Motivational quotes and imagery typically get a lot of Likes and shares.  Make sure it subtly ties in to your product or service, if possible.

Fill in the Blank.  Easy entertainment. People love to fill in the blank!  Create a question as a fill-in-the-blank, and watch the engagement with this post!

Seasonal Posts. Holidays create built-in content to post about. Send greetings for everything from Veterans Day to Thanksgiving and even Flag Day.

Blog Excerpts. If you recently blogged about a timely topic, post an excerpt from the blog on your Facebook wall and link to the full article on your site. Instant traffic.

Fan Discounts. Offer a product or service discount to your Facebook followers – something that’s not advertised anywhere else.

Cross-promote within your niche. Don’t be afraid to post about complementary businesses. An auto repair shop can post deals from a nearby tire shop, a hairdresser can share news about a nail salon…

Link to an informational article or tutorial. Find an article online with helpful tips for your customers? Post the link and say a few words about why you’re posting it.

Share expert tips and tricks. Any time you post free information that may save your customers time or money, you’re making friends and gaining points.

A personal post. You’re a small business, not a corporation. Post an occasional story or photo to show your fans you’re human and to differentiate yourself from big, faceless businesses.

Have other ideas that have worked for you? Feel free to share!

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