9 Quick Tips for an Effective Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

12November 2019

Although technology seems to have taken over the marketing world, direct mail marketing campaigns still make for an effective way to find new clients for your business.

But how can you attract your customer’s attention, when everyone seems to be immune to ads?

Easy! By following these 9 tips, you can transform your direct mail marketing campaign into a success! Here’s how to grab your target market’s attention and attract new clients for your business.


Consumers may be interested in buying, but they may not convert into clients if your ad doesn’t spark their interest. Select your audience with care and target the right potential customers in order to get the best results for your campaign. Direct mail is all about targeting!


Once you’ve selected your ideal audience, make sure your message describes a strong offer. Simply mentioning your product and price will not be enough to help your clients convert. Instead, offer your target market a deal: exclusive offers, a special price or the opportunity to try your product for free.


Studies have shown that people need to justify their decision to buy. So, instead of focusing on your offer alone, make sure to emphasize the benefits that come with buying your product. Put the spotlight on why your product is useful and you should increase your chances of closing more deals.


Simply stating why your product is useful will, most likely, not be enough to help your target market make a buying decision. When you launch a direct mail campaign, you should also focus on providing enough information that will trigger a buying decision immediately.


Demonstrate the value of your product. Creating an irresistible offer will significantly increase the response rate for your direct mail campaign. A valuable proposition summarizes why a consumer should buy your product or use your services. Aim to convince potential consumers that your offer will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar products or services will.


People will more likely buy your products if you offer a satisfaction guarantee. Guaranteeing complete satisfaction should lower the consumer’s risk expectation and should increase the chances of them saying “yes” to your offer.


People are more likely to respond to your offer if you present them with a good reason for that request. A limited supply or an offer ending soon (scarcity) will generate a higher response rate.


Making sure you offer potential clients an easy way to order your products or book your services will help generate a higher response rate for your campaign. Giving short, simple ordering instructions is crucial to help guide potential clients to make an immediate buying decision.


Consumers are known to respond well to convenience and exclusivity. And people are also known to take action when they have a valid reason to do so and have clear instructions on how to proceed. Don’t let people guess what they need to do next to benefit from your offer. If you want potential clients to convert, give clear instructions on what’s the next step.

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