4 Important SEO Tactics for Small Business Website Rankings

5February 2020

Search engine optimization for local businesses is crucial to building a strong reputation online.

We live in busy times today; most web users don’t have the time or the will to scroll past the first page of the search results whenever they search for the products or services they need online.

One of the best marketing strategies that can help a local business thrive is search engine optimization. When done right, tailoring a website to the algorithms the search engines run can literally, push your business to the top.

As search engines continue to evolve, so must businesses make sure to stay up to date with the latest changes. If you’re looking to rank a business website today, here are 4 important SEO components to pay attention to.

Making sure you comply with the latest best practices in SEO will guarantee you’ll increase your online visibility and gain more clients as a result.


The first step towards creating a successful SEO strategy for a business is proper keyword research.

Many business owners don’t realize there’s a difference between the keywords they would like to rank for and they keywords buyers will search for on the web.

In order to appear first in search and push down the competition, it’s important to optimize a business website for the right keywords: those used to drive targeted traffic to the website.


Creating quality content is the best way to rank for the right keywords and create positive user experiences.

Educating the consumer on the products or services sold by a business is the first step towards becoming an authority in a specific niche and starting a relationship with the consumer.

The more quality content you add on a website, the more you’ll boost your SEO efforts and the more you’ll boost your sales.


Optimizing images on a website is a technical SEO aspect often overlooked.

High quality images play an important role in marketing your business. But they also play an important role in SEO.

More and more consumers today are using the “image search” feature to look for the products they need. By adding quality images on your website and optimizing them for search, you’ll boost your SEO efforts and rank better in the search engines as a result.


All businesses today can benefit from quality search engine optimization. However, if your target markets are people in your area, you could benefit a great deal from local search engine optimization services for businesses.

Aside from proper keyword research and optimizing your content and images, you need to make sure the search engines, as well as people in your area can find your business immediately.

Business Listings – Claiming, optimizing and correctly syncing all company information you share on the web is crucial for boosting your SEO efforts.

Link building – Local link building can significantly improve your optimization efforts and help your website rank better.

Citations – Online mentions of your business name, address or phone number are important. However, brand mentions are more relevant than links when it comes ranking your website.

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