Why You Need to Be Using Google+

19June 2013

Well, because Google is the boss, for one thing.

Google+ has been quietly working on becoming the go-to social network for business – but most small business owners are unaware of its power and potential.  We’ve only just learned how to handle Facebook, for cripe’s sake!

If you want your website to rank on Google (of course you do), you need to play by Google’s rules as much as possible.   Ultimately it’s about improving your social reach – the latest buzzword in SEO.  Google loves social signals, Google+ is their social network, and, you get the picture.

Google Interactive Posts – interactive features on blog posts are important.  With this add-on you can  add sign up, download and subscribe buttons right to your blog post.  These buttons can be integrated right into the content to increase reader interaction and engagement.

Google+ Sign-In – a great alternative to Facebook sign-in that’s being billed as spam-free.  Customers can sign in to your content (or your clients’).  More sign-ins bring more authority and improve overall search rankings.

Google Content Recommendations – on of the primary goals of your website is to get people to stay on it a long time – linger, lollygag and check out all that you have to offer, in great depth. Long stays are good for analytics, and increase the chances that a visitor is close to taking action. With this feature, your clients can integrate the recommendations right on the page, which will pull up more content suited to the reader.

What will they think of next?  It boggles the mind really.

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