Can your website be trusted?

If your site doesn't display the green padlock from a trusted SSL certificate, Google will show your site as Not Secure!

We can help. Select our SSL protection package and we’ll get right to work securing your web site.

SSL Certificates

Google is coming for Not Secure sites. If your site doesn’t have a trusted SSL certificate installed, it will be labeled Not Secure in Google Chrome and other web browsers. This is a Google project that is aimed at making customers’ data more secure.

SSL Certificates

Why get the Green Lock? It encrypts your web traffic and shows your website visitors that they’re protected against hackers and are safe browsing your site – by displaying the little green padlock in their address bar. It even improves your rankings in search, because Google will give ranking preference to secured sites.

Protect Your Website with SSL
Turn on the Green Padlock that ensures your web visitors' data is safe!


Our Service Guarantee

  • We will not require any more than $149 to complete this service
  • The service will be assigned to one of our Tech Agents and started same day.
  • We work until your site is fully loading in HTTPS
  • We provide details of everything we completed
  • We will show you how to verify your site passes the Green Padlock test
  • If you have questions, we answer them all as part of this service.

All Certificates Include

  • A complete HTTPS Site Audit
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • The Green Padlock will be displayed on your site, indicating secure browsing
  • Full security report – a list of all items completed
  • Boost your Google rankings
  • One-time cost; no monthly fees