Online Analysis

Before you begin any online marketing initiatives, it’s a good idea to have a snapshot of where you’re at. You may have digital properties lurking in cyberspace that you don’t even know about.

How does this happen?

Facebook pages that an intern started, and that’s sitting dormant. Google+ pages and profiles that you don’t control. Business citations, and your Google My Business listing,  that are not claimed or optimized.

It’s important to get these properties cleaned up so your listings are not duplicated and so you can get the most mileage out of them. Having two of the same listing may seem like double the opportunity to rank, but it’s really a confusing signal to Google. Having management access and control of these listings ensures you can update them if your company information changes, and that you log in and respond to reviews that customers have left, among other things.

As a business owner, you’re busy with the day-to-day management your business, and analyzing everywhere you appear on line can be daunting. But a quick analysis from Social Karma Marketing can show you some easy improvements you can make. Sometimes baby steps will get your rankings moving, and sometimes a little more heavy lifting is required – but you won’t know until you start.

Don’t lose business to competitors over small things that can be easily changed!  Call us today, we’ll get started right away.